Available vaccines in our clinic 

Please confirm with our staff in advance 

(Update 22 February 2019)

VaccineCost in Thai Baht (THB) 
Cholera vaccine (Shanchol®) 600
Dengue vaccine (Dengvaxia®)Not available
Hepatitis A vaccine (Havrix®)  1,700
Hepatitis A+B (Twinrix®)1,700
Hepatitis B vaccine (Euvax B®)500
HPV vaccine (Gardasil®)  2,500
Influenza vaccine (Fluquadri®)  600
JE vaccine (Imojev®) 800
Meningococcal polysaccharide (Menveo®) 1,000
MMR (Mump-Measles-Rubella) vaccine 800
Pneumococcal vaccine (Pneumovax®)1,700
Rabies immunoglobulin (ERIG) depend on body weight
Rabies vaccine (Speeda®)800
Tdap + IPV (Boostrix-IPV®, tetanus+diptheria+pertussis+polio) 1,500
Tdap (Adacel®, tetanus+diptheria+pertussis) 1,000
Typhoid vaccine (Typbar®) 1,000
Varicella vaccine(Varivax®)1,500
Yellow Fever vaccine (Stamaril®)1,700
Zoster vaccine (Zostavax®)6,000

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  • Price list does not include hospital fee (500 Baht)
  • Price list per one dose of vaccine
  • Some vaccines need >1 shot to complete