Read this before coming – How the process here.

For foreigner, it is hard to imagine how the process of medical care look like in Thai government hospital system. Our Travel clinic operate under Patong Hospital, therefore some procedure is still conservative. We try to make everything straightforward and hassle-free for you. This is the guideline.

For how to make an online appointment, please read this.

For how to reach our clinic, please read this.

Okay. Let’s say you are at our main entrance gate of hospital. See what you should do next.

This is in front of hospital, you will see the big sign of Patong Hospital.
Entrance to hospital area
You park your vehicle at designed area and then walk to main hospital building.
Once you reach the main building, you will see screening counter (number 1) are in front of the entrance. Please inform them that you would like to visit “Travel Clinic”
If you book your slot from online appointment, please follow similar procedure.
You will get blue paper card named “Travel Clinic card” from officer. If you do not get it, please reconfirm with officer again.
After that, you walk into main building and you will see registration counter (number 2) where you need to apply for hospital ID card. English from is provided.
After submitting your passport and application form, the officeพ will provide you hospital ID card. Sorry that we have only Thai version card, but your name and other information would be typed in English.
Then you walk to nearby counter where is nurse station. Nurse will check your vital sign and taking some important history.
If there is nurse aid, she will take you to next new building where travel clinic is located.
This is in front of Travel Clinic.
For online applicant, you will be assigned to see doctor in time.
For non-advance appointment, you have to wait if there is online applicant there.

If you have any question or need help, please contact to our email [email protected]