Pre and Post Travel Counseling

Patong Travel Clinic provides you in-depth travel consultation and evaluation customized to your travel itinerary and level of travel experience.

The Consultation

The consultation usually takes 30-45 minutes and is conducted by a travel medicine specialist who has immediate access to the team of specialists if there are any health-specific questions or concerns. The consultation provides an in-depth review of:

Medical History

  • Current medication and allergic history
  • Immunization history (EPI program) and previous vaccination
  • Evaluation of travel itineraries and risk assessment

Your questions and concerns, including:

  • Immunizations you need for travel
  • Letters explaining medical conditions and medical waivers for border officials

Information Included:

  • Itinerary-specific illness
  • Disease prevention and self-treatment
  • Water, food and environmental precautions
  • Safety tips
  • Health care and Consulate resources

All information about your medial history, current medical issues, allergies, medications, immunization information and recommendations are kept in a confidential, electronic file which can be used for further pre-travel concerns or future travel consultations.

Post-Travel Care

If you are sick after you trip (fever, flu-like symptoms or persistent diarrhea) we encourage you to contact your primary care provider for evaluation or you may also contact us referrals.